Expanding business into Thailand

We support companies expanding their business into Thailand.
We provide one-stop support for OA equipment such as multifunctional copiers, PC laptop/desktop, shredder, and other IT infrastructure to companies considering or preparing to start business in Thailand.
Let us assist your growth in Thailand’s business.

  • A newly established company was considering installing OA equipment for their smooth start-up.
    The customer has chosen our product and decided to install OA equipment including color copier, computers, and internet arrangements.
    We have also introduced the same type of video conference system which was used in their Japan headquarters.

Temporary construction site office

We recommend rental for a temporary construction site office where the office will be set up only for the construction period.
You can rent copiers “only for the construction period” and “as many as you need” .
We can also offer a large-format plotter, which is necessary for CAD printing for drawings.
Rental can be used only during the construction period, which leads to a significant cost reduction.

  • We received an inquiry from a construction company with a request for A3 color MFP in a temporary office at a construction site.
    The construction period was scheduled to be 2-3 months, so we proposed a rental for end-project use.
    Our service engineer delivered the MFP directly to the temporary office, installed, and connected it with their laptop PC’s for use of printer and scanner functions.

Short-term Event

We recommend short-term rental of OA equipment to organizers and exhibitors of events, seminars, and exhibitions that require printing.
We’ll carry it in and out of the venue according to the schedule, and do the LAN wiring work and connection work with PC’s and MFP for use of the printer and scanner.
Please feel free to contact us so that we can make the best proposal.

  • At a job fair held in Bangkok, we proposed a short-term rental because they wanted to use the copy machine for “two days” only.
    Since the number of printed pages will be large, we offered a medium-speed A3 color MFP (31 sheets per minute).
    During the event, our service engineer was stationed for two days in preparation for repair visit calls.

Starting a new project

We recommend rental for companies that need OA equipment for new projects or one-off projects when the period is not fixed.
There are basically no restrictions on the contract period for rental, so you can rent it according to the progress of the project.
If the project is decided to be lengthened, we will promptly respond to various customer needs, such as switching to leasing or purchasing.
We will make proposals according to customer requests, such as “duration of use period” and “purpose of use”, so please feel free to contact us.

  • As our customer started a new project, we received an urgent request for A3 color MFP and A1 color plotter.
    Since the expected print volume per month is 5,000 sheets and the project period is undecided, we proposed A3 color MFP (23 sheets per minute) and A1 color plotter (large format printer).
    The customer uses the A3 color MFP for copier/printer/scanner/fax functions, and the A1 color plotter for printing A1 size drawings.
    We provide a one-stop service for all installation and setting work, as well as periodic maintenance.

Business expantion in Thailand

Business expantion in Thailand

  • We held a meeting in Japan before Company K expanded into Thailand, and asked for their requests in advance.
    As a result of preliminary discussions, we were able to smoothly arrange the office environment at the same time as Company K’s expansion into Thailand.

  • Date 2017
  • Client / Industry Company K / Real estate business
  • Product Color Multifunction copier(23ppm) / Office furnitures
  • Description Rental / Sales

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Thank you very much for your time.

Business Hours:9:00-17:00 (Weekdays)

TEL : 02-136-4235-6